Benefits of Installing Solar Panels on Commercial Rooftops

Discover the compelling benefits of opting for Solis Power Solutions, a premier commercial solar installation firm in India, for your solar needs.

1. Substantial Cost Savings
• Solar energy comes at no ongoing expense. While there is an initial installation outlay, you stand to gain substantial savings in multiple ways:
• Your electricity bills will see a remarkable drop as a significant portion of your power requirements will be fulfilled by the solar systems atop your commercial roofs.
Under the OPEX model, you'll pay a mere 4 to 6 rupees per unit for solar-generated electricity compared to the 12 to 14 rupees per unit charged by the DISCOM.
• Take advantage of income tax benefits by claiming a 40% annual accelerated depreciation on your commercial solar system's cost. Investing in solar is a wise choice as it's a long-term commitment with panels lasting over 25 years.

2. Environmental Responsibility
Going solar translates to minimal greenhouse gas emissions, contributing significantly to:
• Combating global warming.
• Preserving our planet for future generations.
• Decreasing air pollution and mitigating the risks associated with respiratory and lung diseases.

3. Fulfilling RPO Obligations
Installation of solar panels on your commercial rooftops not only reduces costs but also aids in meeting your Renewable Purchase Obligations (RPO). This demonstrates your commitment to sustainable energy and environmental stewardship.

"Rise above energy limitations and embrace the sun's abundant power with our solar rooftop installations. Let your roof be a canvas of sustainability, where every ray of sunshine paints a brighter, greener future for generations to come."

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