Solar Panel

Solar Panel

Solar panels, also known as photovoltaic (PV) panels, are innovative devices that harness sunlight to generate electricity. They are vital for renewable energy and come with remarkable durability and reliability. A PV panel consists of multiple PV cells connected for higher current and voltage. It features tempered glass on the front and waterproof material on the back, with sealed edges for weather resistance. An aluminum frame facilitates easy mounting, and there's a junction box or wire leads at the back for electrical connections.

• TUV/IEC/MNRE Certified
• Excellent module efficiency – 16.25%
• Positive power tolerance – up to 4.99 watt
• PID Resistant
• High Durability
• Anti Reflective coated Glass
• 25 years Performance Warranty
• 10 years Product Warranty.
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Our solar panels are designed to capture more sunlight and convert it into electricity efficiently. This means you get more power for your investment.

Built to withstand harsh weather conditions, our solar panels are known for their long-lasting performance and minimal maintenance requirements.

By generating your electricity from the sun, you can significantly reduce your energy bills and protect yourself from rising utility costs.


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